I am fighting back against Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) with natural foods, stress reduction, and by embracing my inner flower child (making everything from scratch, and eating all those yummy natural foods)in addition to my medications. All of this is carefully balanced with my busy life as a homeschooling single mom of 2 boys, the exhaustion that RA brings, and a very limited budget. I would like to share my journey with you, so that it may benefit you as well, or give you a better understanding of what it is to fight this disease.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet Links

Dr. Weil:  this includes an anti-inflammatory diet pyramid

Deflame Diet: This is the diet recommended by my chiropractor

You will notice a lot of contradictions between the Weil and Deflame diets.  As with most diets, you just have to pick and chose.  For me, that means going the least restrictive route, but watching for any symptom increase when adding the "questionable" foods.

Other Links:

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